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NURISCO can offer you and your entire organization what you need to get to the next level: higher-quality English-language research papers and a better chance at quick acceptance to English-language journals. We can help you to communicate much more effectively with the greater English-speaking scientific community.
NURISCO can provide you with its unique perspective on the publication process. The company aids clients at every level of the process of writing research papers - from students, professors, and scholars at high-level universities to over one hundred professional journal associations. The company is the go-to resource for professors of medicine and engineering from well-known universities. This comprehensive well of experience gives us insights into best practices in research writing, which we can pass on to you and your organization. You too can join our clientele and become a part of this comprehensive community working to improve English-language scientific communication in Korea and throughout Asia.
NURISCO has a proven commitment to improving your visibility and publication rate, since it was the first company in Korea to offer professional editing services uniquely suited to the academic community 15 years ago. Currently, the company processes over 70,000 papers annually. We can guarantee you speed and accuracy using the latest digital technologies to receive and send papers via email. We look forward to you taking advantage of our expertise and professional resources to help produce top-quality research papers that will be recognized by international academic and professional communities.
NURISCO's editors can help you whether you are a doctor publishing clinical trials, an engineer publishing new methodologies, or a scholar publishing in any other field. Our experienced editing team is composed of native English-language speakers who hold either a master's degree or a doctorate in the sciences or humanities. Each one has several years of experience reading and correcting English-language research papers from a variety of different fields. Our editors will provide you with the highest level of quality in all editing work.
Medicine and Life Sciences
Engineering Sciences and Physical Sciences
Business, Humanities, Social Sciences
1. Maintain technical accuracy.
2. Correct all grammar and spelling mistakes.
3. Remove double meanings or offensive phrases.
4. Remove awkwardness.
5. Improve clarity and style.
6. Ensure that authors are aware of any other shortcomings.
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